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digital signing of documents

eConsent allows contractual documents to be signed using mobile devices, and also covers all the associated document management

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A biometric signature engine is used to collect the signature, which offers all the legal guarantees

Ideal for the sales force to collect the signature of customers and users (informed consent, assignment of rights, distribution contracts, etc.)

The signed documents are stored in secure infrastructures that guarantee the traceability and digital sealing of the contract

Can be integrated with other corporate applications such as CRM and other data sources

Our product not only offers the option of documents being signed digitally, it also offers the complete management of these, as well as statistics and users, through the administration panel



  • Generation of the signed certificate in PDF format, with biometric signature and legally valid
  • Comprehensive document management of the information
  • Traceability of each action by the users - rejected contracts, contract renewals, etc.
  • Statistics on the users and documents included in the system
  • Option to manage various contracts with the same application (EFPIA, Consents, Collaboration Agreements, etc.)
  • Complete control of users and their signed documents
  • Adaptation for integration with corporate services (customer databases)
  • Completely adaptable to any language or process required by the customer



The salesperson accesses the application using their login details.


They then use a form to search for the customer in the application's database.


Once the customer has been selected, they will access the process for obtaining consent.


On selecting the defined customer details (e.g.: name, surname(s), address, email address. etc.), these are inserted into the legal document for obtaining consent.


The salesperson shows the contract to the customer for them to read in detail. The duly completed legal document containing the person's information appears on screen.


The customer, after reading the contract, can sign it directly on the iPad.


Once the customer has signed the document, they click on the Accept button to start the digital document signing process. The system captures the biometric signature and generates the certified document in PDF format.


The system stores and sends the signed agreement in PDF format to the customer's email address and to the salesperson, if they wish.

Additional functionalities

The customer details are extracted from your databases, ensuring the integrity of the data

The salesperson can see a series of reports and lists with the application's usage information:

  • Statistics on contracts processed, signatories, etc.
  • Control of signed and unsigned contracts (optional - reason for it being obtained).
  • Display of documents.

Management of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the doctors.

Option to export the results to the customer's systems.

Exportable to other platforms.

Biometric signature system

It uses a built-in biometric signature engine for electronic documents that incorporates a biometric handwritten signature authentication engine

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  • The solution natively incorporates an advanced biometric handwritten signature algorithm that allows a handwritten signature to be captured from touchscreen devices.
  • The algorithm collects the biometric information during the signing process (mainly position, time, speed, acceleration and pressure).
  • In this way, a calligraphic pattern is formed that is mathematically linked to the document to be signed, encrypted in the capturing device itself and embedded in the document.
  • All of the biometric information from the captured handwritten signature is encoded according to international standard ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007, allowing for the interoperability of the documents with other solutions that support this standard.
  • UNE-ISO 197001:2011 is the standard used by calligraphic experts in their reports.
  • The e-consent service uses a digital certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce for Quodem Consultores and its objective is to validate the signed PDF documents.
  • The biometric data are encrypted in the capturing device itself through a customer public RSA passkey, whose private passkey is usually safeguarded by a third party. This is intended to ensure that this information is only accessed by court order and cannot be reused without the signatory's knowledge.
The document to be signed is presented for review
The user's signature is requested to capture the biometric data
Generation and display of the document containing the information captured linked to the document's content
  • The certificate is issued as an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), for the purpose of:
  • Purposes

    • Signing transaction
    • Signing document
    • Encoding passkeys
    • Encoding document
    • Passkey agreement
    • Customer authentication
    • Email protection
    • The electronic seal certificate is associated with a safeguarded passkey
    • The certificate has been issued by an authorised entity in order to have legal validity
    • AC Camerfirma is established as certification service provider
    • Camerfirma guarantees that the certificate used is valid throughout its validity period

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